What’s happening with Supermarket Matters series 2


It has been a really long time since my last update. I feel really bad, especially as some have you have financially supported the second series. All I can do is hold my hands up and apologise. We have been busy beavering away with series 2 and I can tell you that it is on its way. Firstly, if you supported us in our IndieGoGo campaign you should have been contacted already about your perk. If not, please do get in contact with us through twitter @InEarEnt or by email: Markc@inearentertainment.com So, where are we with series 2. We are in post production. What this means is that all of the audio has been recorded and all of the sound files are now with our amazing sound dude who is putting them all together to make the episodes. He is working on them backwards (starting with episode 8) so that when we start releasing them we know that we have them all ready. He is also working on a few 30 second promotional ‘adverts’ which we hope to get out and into some other people’s podcasts. These will be uploaded here to whet your appetite. We are looking at a mid to end of August release date for the second series. Although I hope to be able to give some firm dates soon. If you have any questions, do post them in the comments below and I will do my best to answer them. Mark Read more »

Fundraising for Supermarket Matters series 2

There are a number of Supermarket Matters related posts coming over the next fortnight, but we are going to be kicking off this bit of a run with a post on fundraising. The first series of Supermarket Matters was created as a way of testing the water to see whether entertainment delivered in this way was of interest to people. I am glad to say that the answer to this question is yes. It is because of this that we are ploughing ahead with series 2. But this is where we hit a slight block. We have no source of income. The first series of Supermarket Matters was funded out of my pocket, but due to a change in circumstances, this cannot happen anymore. The good news is that a lot of the expense of setting up the production company has been taken care of last year. We have all the equipment we need and so on. But there are still a few things that need funding. As such, we have created a crowd sourced funding page which can be seen here: Supermarket Matters IndieGoGo page. You will be able to track how much funding has been received and how long there is left until the end of the campaign. There are perks that you can get for funding the project at different levels and these are spread across a wide range of minimum donations even if you can only spare a few quid, there should be something for you. Even if you can’t afford ... Read more »

Two new episodes for the holiday season

As stated in the last blog post (New episodes!) we have two amazing festive episodes of Supermarket Matters coming your way. The first will be released on Christmas morning – our Christmas present to you! The second will be released on New Year’s day. We won’t go into what happens in the episodes now, but we can tell you that they are the first episodes in the longer 25 minute format. This is the format that Supermarket Matters will take moving forward, bringing them more in line with what would be expected of a radio play. Read more »

Are you ready?

I know I have not been updating this blog as much as I should have been in the run up to the first episode’s release date. This is due to a number of reasons, but mainly down to my health. I don’t want to go into that here, but if you are interested you could always take a look at my personal blog I may be ill, but I’m feeling good. It’s all been go for In Ear Entertainment over the past week. We have been contacting numerous local bloggers and newspapers to get the word out about Supermarket Matters. I will upload the press release soon so you can take a gander if you like. We have also been reviewing the post-production files as they come back from our new post-production dude, Alecx. I’ll do a lovely write up about Alecx at some point in the future so you can all get to know him. He is an amazingly talented person and In Ear can’t thank him enough for his work. Alongside this we have been updating this blog to ensure that it can cope with the podcast. Fingers crossed this has all gone well and when the first episode goes up you should have a couple of choices on how to listen to it. You should be able to: Play it through your browser using a little Flash player Download it from the blog post it is attached to Subscribe to it through iTunes and have it download automatically each week. The last of those ... Read more »

Supermarket Matters: Release dates… err, updated

With a minor delay along the way we can now bring you the official, will-not-be-changed, release dates for Supermarket Matters series 1. From the launch you can expect a new episode delivered to your iTunes account each week for seven more weeks. 18 July: The 11th Commandment 25 July: Ach-y-fi 1 August: It Never Rains till It Pours 8 August: The New Guy 15 August: Reduced Stock 22 August: An Inspector Calls 29 August: The Fog Along with each episode the website will be updated with goodies such as actor and writer interviews and profiles. Let us know what you think using the comments below. Read more »

The recording – the run up

On the weekend of the 29/30 January most of those associated with Supermarket Matters descended upon Cardiff with a simple mission: To record all of the vocals for the show. Read more »

Read-through round-up

From this read-through I have really been able to glimpse the true potential of this project: What it can become, where we can take it. I have also been able to see just how much work this will be - But this is work I want to do. Read more »


Sunday we will be having a script-reading. All of the writers, actors and music people will be getting together in Cardiff to sit down and read through the scripts. Read about it here. Read more »

Kick off

So this is where it all begins. With me. I’m Mark, Mark Chatterley and I want to be a writer. More specifically, a script writer. I have come up with Supermarket Matters as a vehicle to help me – and others like me – break into ‘the industry’. The plan is to use free software, social media and the talents of, well, anyone who wants to get involved, to produce a high-quality podcast to get us known. Supermarket Matters will comprise 12 ten-minute episodes which will be written, recorded, voice acted, edited, produced by amateurs. I will be taking on the role of Showrunner. I will be overseeing the project from beginning to end, working on the wider story arcs, writing a few of the episodes and basically being ‘the man’. The slight bump in this plan at the moment is that the Supermarket Matters teams is just me. So, would you like to get involved? At this point in time we will be concentrating on planning and writing but if you’re not a writer but think you have other skills that the project could use, please still get in touch. If you are interested please email me on supermarketmatters@gmail.com Read more »