About Us

In Ear Entertainment is an audiobook publisher and podcast production company that focusses on helping up and coming creatives. We publish scifi and horror short stories and novellas in audio form.

Working with up and coming authors and actors we produce high-quality low-cost audiobooks to give these rising stars an income stream. We also have free-to-download podcasts that showcase up and coming talent.


We publish audiobooks from up and coming writers all around the world, allowing you to discover new writers and follow them as their careers take off.

We work directly with authors, offering competitive royalty rates for the audio-rights to their work. But this is not just about the audiobooks themselves – it’s about sharing the author with their soon-to-be fans.

We release profiles, interviews and other content for free allowing fans to learn from and even interact with their new favourite writers.

We are happy to work directly with authors, through agents or even with other publishing companies.


The internet is chock full of talented writer, actors, sound engineers, producers and directors and we want to give them a platform.  With every one doing their own projects, there is only a small chance of getting noticed. Working together on one project multiplies the talent involved and increases the chance of getting seen.

We produce both free and paid-for content.