Audiobooks are a great medium for up and coming writers to expand their current fan base. They create a new and interesting way of hearing a writer’s work and also bring new fans to the writers.

In Ear offers two services to writers when it comes to audiobooks.


We will publish audiobooks from up and coming writers and sell the audiobooks on our shop.  The writer pays nothing to us, we take on all costs and the writer gets a royalty payment. More information on this is available on our Audiobook Publishing page.


We will produce audiobooks for anyone. We will organise the recording, reading and post-production for you at a set fee per 1000 words. We can even sell the finished audiobook on our website and will take a percentage of the sales. More information on this is on our Audiobook Production and Sale page.

Regardless of which route you choose to go down, you can be assured of receiving a high-quality product at a good price. We work with talented up and coming individuals to give you the most for you money.

If you are confused about which service you require, just shoot us an email via the Contact Us form.