Free to download

Life isn’t all about making money; sometimes it is just about having fun.

In Ear produces free-to-download shows and podcasts to support creatives in getting their work out there. Sometimes all that is needed is a little encouragement, sometimes it is knowledge that you will have somewhere to display your work and sometimes, a little bit of money is needed.

In Ear helps where it can and also provides a mechanism for people to donate to these free-to-download projects. No donated money is used in our ‘for sale’ side.

Our current free-to-download projects are:

Supermarket Matters – This started it all. A sitcom based in a Welsh supermarket – brilliantly funny, slightly odd and just a little bit strange.

Shakespeare’s Sonnets – Our twice weekly podcast on Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Each episode takes one sonnet and looks at it from a non-academic point of view. The sonnet provides a jumping point for conversations about politics, love, language and even the movie Minority Report.