0D Cinema

Date: Sat 23 March 2013

Venue: Parabola Arts Centre, Cheltenham

Cost: £10 or £8 concession.

Get tickets.

This project came around through a lot of chance. While looking for recording space for the second series of Supermarket Matters we stumbled into a theatre in Cheltenham. It was here we were told about a community project they run once a year where Gloucestershire based production groups – which In Ear is – can put on interesting shows.

We morphed an idea we had been playing with of holding live recordings together with the audio-only aspect of what we do to create 0D Cinema. An evening of audio-only entertainment brought to you in a theatre.

We believe that while cinemas are on a quest to provide viewers with ever more realistic movies and films, not even the latest 3D IMAX, 48fps, super digital surround sound can compare to one thing: The human imagination.

We will be putting on two 30-40 minute plays – both with a science fiction theme (it’s a good old fashioned Science Fiction double feature) – that have a strong emphasis on ambient sound and sound effects. The audience will be give special 0D Glasses to complete the experience, essentially reducing their vision to amazing 0D. (These will be sunglasses that have had the lenses blacked out).

The audience will be using their imaginations to create the settings for each of the ‘movies’ while the actors on stage act out the scripts using live sound effects.

Tickets are £10 and include the 0D Glasses – no extra money for them like in the Cinema. Tickets are available online now or by calling or dropping in to the Parabola Arts Centre.

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