Stefan Harkins

My role in In Ear

I’m the writer of Supermarket Matters series 2 episode 6, The Long Day.


Nearly 30 although I never seem to remember my age (probably because I don’t act it!), I work in ‘Cloud’ software support and live with my wife Hannah and Black Labrador Brodie (inspired by Mallrats if you were wondering).

My spare time is usually taken up by watching Doctor Who, reading (novels of all sorts whether graphic or otherwise!), listening to podcasts while walking to work, playing video games and going to the cinema. I also have always been a big fan of swimming and I still try to go regularly. This is good as I’m also a massive food lover and probably could do with the exercise! Pulling from all aspects of my life I have started writing, mostly semi-regular movie reviews for my friends comic book store’s blog site (Proud Lion – check out the link below).

I am friends with JD Kelly (the voice of the Whoosh! doors) and was delighted to be given the chance to be involved with Supermarket Matters series two as I thoroughly enjoyed listening to series one. Maybe one of these days I will write on my own blog more regularly too…


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