They Who Cry Out Seek to be Heard

They Who Cry Out Seek to be Heard

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Have you ever had one of those Monday mornings where nothing goes right? Have you ever accepted a job without really knowing what it was? Have you ever thought you heard someone yelling your name? A collection of 8 short stories to intrigue and scare you.



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A collection of 8 short stories to intrigue and scare you.


Length: 1 hour 38 minutes.

Author: Troy Blackford

Read by: Katy Jane and Charlie Elliott


Troy Blackford is a talented author who is gaining quite the reputation for high-quality output. This collection brings together 8 of his most liked short stories and brings them to life through the voices of Katy Jane and Charlie Elliot.


The collection contains: I Know Everything You Know About Me, Monday Morning, Promising Candidate, For Those With Eyes to See, They Who Cry Out Seek to be Heard, Discontinuity, All in Your Head and Such a Good Idea.

1 review for They Who Cry Out Seek to be Heard

  1. 4 out of 5

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    With a collection of eight stories, from writer Troy Blackford, In Ear Entertainment, take the listener to dark, and mysterious parts of our world. They create a moody atmosphere with surprises lurking around every corner. Like a great mystery, the environment is described, as the events unfold, usually leading to a unexpected ending. Much like the “Twilight Zone”, or more precisely like it’s follow-up series “Night Gallery”. The reader is treated to a frightful, and occasionally macabre tale about the unusual. Besides the horror elements there are also interspersed moments of humor, with the occasional adult language. The stories seem to steer clear of the gothic, drug, sex, and monster formulas of other horror stories, and focus more on the situations, and personalities of these characters. The characters of the stories are given life by two readers which alternate between one story and the next. Besides simply reading the parts they also act them out, whispering, shouting, and imitating voices of other characters. The female reader Katy Jane can produce a deep and hollow voice of a man, while the guy reader Charlie Elliott is equally good at producing a believable female voice.

    {f} Female reader, {m} male reader.
    1. “I Know Everything You Know About Me” {f} A slow thinking guy, that can read minds, tries to get a free ticket, to a out of the way museum. 2. “Monday Morning” {m} A guy that has the worst day ever, finds that it is what he’s always wanted. 3. “Promising Candidate” {m} A truck driver is about to be hired to drive a unknown cargo, but he starts to get curious about the trucks contents. 4. “For Those With Eyes to See” {f} A craft maker buys items online, and when they don’t arrive she leaves negative feedback for someone named “Crazy Craft Lady”, then various things began to happen. 5. “They Who Cry Out Seek to be Heard” {f} When a air conditioner begins making strange sounds, a young woman is left with some difficult choices. 6. “Discontinuity” {m} A student finds that a scholarship can turn into a fight for his survival. 7. “All in Your Head” {f} A hospital patient mysteriously is so determined to see up his own nose, that he is willing to risk his own life to accomplish the task. 8. “Such a Good Idea” {m} A writer that comes up with the ultimate mystery story, gets overly enthusiastic about telling his wife.

    If you enjoy these stories, they are all included in Troy Blackford’s 13 story anthology ‘For Those With Eyes to See’, along with five others. He has also written several other books, with similar Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, and Mystery type themes.

    The producers of this audio book, ‘In Ear Entertainment’ have also produced live stage productions, podcasts, and radio type plays. Their subjects range from Horror, and Sci-Fi, to Shakespeare, and situation comedies like “Supermarket Matters”. They also produce the artwork for their productions, and hire themselves out to record other audio works, which they could sell directly to customers, for a partner, or as a finished product for a distributor to purchase and then sell on their own. For this audio book three different cover images were made before the current version was released. The first, had a window frame with curtains, a forest background, and a dark snowman type silhouette, with glowing red eyes. In front of it on the window sill, were three jars with different elements from the stories. The second, had a more homemade craft style, similar to the anthology book. A oven with plastic eyes on it, and various kitchen items on it, one of which is a crock pot with the word ‘Inear’ on it. And lastly a two faced cat, with the two faces sharing one eye. Its body is a skeletal frog shape. Wrapped around it is a banner repeating the phrase “It’s Me”, and between its skeletal front legs is a jar from the first earlier drawing. Behind it is a circus type poster with a circle near its center, and stripes of red and white coming from its center.

    A compilation I made, of my favorite moments, from the first two seasons of their “Supermarket Matters” comedy podcast.

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