Aftermath (S02E01)

Supermarket Matters is back with a whole new series! But how is everyone coping? Miss Haywood has been forced to take a job at the store now that her riches have left her, Ms Jones seems… happy? And the Whoosh! Doors? Well, let’s just say they’ve got some issues.


Associate Producer

Thea Oliver – To raise awareness of the British Lung Foundation.


Darren Douglas

Regular Actors

Additional Actors:

  • Serena Lewis
  • PJ Montgomery
  • David O’Rourke
  • Chris Powell


  • Background muzak and sound effects – Pete Bayliss of Jamyama Media
  • Jingle – Kate Rabaiotti


Alecx White of Arpeggio Creative

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  1. Patricia Lohmann says:

    Hahaaaa! This one is hilarious! Well written, well directed, excellent acting! I love it.

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