Supermarket Matters – It Never Rains Till it Pours (Episode 4)

A heatwave has hit Llanmorgan and everyone is getting fed up. Not in the least Mr Bradshaw who was meant to be in for an easy day relaxing in his air conditioned office; however things rarely go to plan at the Grab’n’Go.



Jaque Thay


  • Mr Bradshaw – Mark C.
  • Mrs Haywood/BBC reporter – Helen DeVitt
  • Whoosh! Doors/Old man/Evil head office man – JD Kelly
  • Kent Gable – PJ Montgomery
  • Ms Jones/Welsh weather girl/Old lady – Verity Smith
  • General worker Jules – Sian Prescott
  • Clue – Ricky Valentine


  • Background muzak and sound effects – Pete Bayliss of Jamyama Media
  • Jingle – Kate Rabaiotti


Alecx Cutter

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3 Responses to “Supermarket Matters – It Never Rains Till it Pours (Episode 4)”

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  1. Patricia Lohmann says:

    I enjoyed listening but didn’t find it as funny as the other episodes. More like a “normal” radio play. Nice voices though, and I liked the new speech act the doors acquired this time 😉

  2. Dsm says:

    Brilliant just caught up on episodes 2to4 really enjoying the story. Not laugh out loud like the first one but i just keep smileing at the characters. I am hoping the doors get even more outrageous and staet getting personal !!

  3. Baz Greenland says:

    Not as funny as the first three but picked up as it went on. More doors please next time!

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