Supermarket Matters – Reduced Stock (Episode 6)

Mr Bradshaw has some new toys to play with and is eager to try them out. Thanks to him, the Grab’n’Go now has an internal radio communication system and CCTV. Just think of everything he can now see from his office…



Ryan Heeger


  • Mr Bradshaw – Mark C.
  • Mrs Haywood – Helen DeVitt
  • Whoosh! Doors – JD Kelly
  • Ms Jones – Verity Smith
  • General worker Jules – Sian Prescott
  • Clue – Ricky Valentine


  • Background muzak and sound effects – Pete Bayliss of Jamyama Media
  • Jingle – Kate Rabaiotti


Alecx Cutter

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4 Responses to “Supermarket Matters – Reduced Stock (Episode 6)”

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  1. Joe says:

    Bad Boy to Bug Clipper! XD

  2. Baz Greenland says:

    Another strong episode – the walkie talkie concept was great!

  3. Simon McCartney says:

    Line of the series:

    “My husband is…”

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