Supermarket Matters – The 11th Commandment (Episode 2)

It’s the start of the second week for the Llanmorgan Grab’n’Go and Mrs Haywood is still causing trouble. Throw the local mad man into the mix and things can only go from bad to worse.

As always, it comes down to Clue to sort it all out.



PJ Montgomery


  • Mr Bradshaw – Mark C.
  • Mrs Haywood – Helen DeVitt
  • Whoosh! Doors/Distressed at the Deli Counter – JD Kelly
  • Mad Jasper – PJ Montgomery
  • Ms Jones/Lucky Lotto Lady – Verity Smith
  • General worker Jules – Sian Prescott
  • Clue – Ricky Valentine


  • Background muzak and sound effects – Pete Bayliss of Jamyama Media
  • Jingle – Kate Rabaiotti


Alecx Cutter

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2 Responses to “Supermarket Matters – The 11th Commandment (Episode 2)”

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  1. Patricia Lohmann says:

    Those doors are definitely evil! A very nice episode, I love the way the doors change their intonation and how the scenario gives rise to all kinds of moods generally…

    • Baz Greenland says:

      The doors are brilliant!I think they’re definitely the most unique selling point of the series so far! Great episode again!

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