December update

So, where are we.

Following an amazing read-through we are now at a slow news stage of everyone getting their heads down.

The writers are busy working on their scripts, taking in the suggested changes from the read-through and the inevitable tightening up of dialogue that comes from hearing your work read out load.

Pete, of Jamyama fame, is busy working on the sound effects that the scripts have brought up.

These include:

What you would expect in a supermarket

FX: Sound of shelves being stacked with canned goods.

What you wouldn’t expect in a supermarket

FX: Sci-fi sound of a bulkhead sliding shut. Hissing vents and big metallic clunking.

Short snappy sound effects

FX: Radio static click.

Long drawn out sound montages

FX: Another sheep bleet. This is followed by the sound of the sheep charging into simon and knocking him over into display or shelf of items with another loud crash. The sheep runs off again.

So where do we go from here?

The update scripts should all be submitted by Christmas. I will then go through them and make any minor changes needed bring the series together. These scripts will then form the recording versions.

These will be sent to all the voice actors ready for recording in, we hope, January.

So, what do you think of the project? Are you excited to hear the show? What do you think of the sound effects above? Do let us know using the comments.

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