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So this is where it all begins. With me. I’m Mark, Mark Chatterley and I want to be a writer. More specifically, a script writer.

I have come up with Supermarket Matters as a vehicle to help me – and others like me – break into ‘the industry’.

The plan is to use free software, social media and the talents of, well, anyone who wants to get involved, to produce a high-quality podcast to get us known.

Supermarket Matters will comprise 12 ten-minute episodes which will be written, recorded, voice acted, edited, produced by amateurs. I will be taking on the role of Showrunner. I will be overseeing the project from beginning to end, working on the wider story arcs, writing a few of the episodes and basically being ‘the man’.

The slight bump in this plan at the moment is that the Supermarket Matters teams is just me. So, would you like to get involved? At this point in time we will be concentrating on planning and writing but if you’re not a writer but think you have other skills that the project could use, please still get in touch.

If you are interested please email me on

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  1. Loli-Kitt says:

    Hola! I’ll help out! Are you doing videos with these? I’d Lo e to do some voice acting if you’ll have me? I may be able to help out else where too 🙂

  2. Coolio, I will put you on the list. Thank you.

    Supermarket Matters is going to just be audio, but future projects may have video. Let’s see how this goes.

  3. Loli-Kitt says:

    Okie-dokie! My face was not made for video so I’m more than happy to help out where I can 😀

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