This week has seen not one but two people get involved with the music for Supermarket Matters.

The first is a lovey lady called Kate Rabaiotti. Kate doesn’t have an online presence yet but has a degree in music and a Masters in composition. She is going to be responsible for the creation of the Supermarket Matters jingle – that is, the intro and outro music.

The second is Pete Bayliss who set up and runs the company Jamyama. He has kindly offered his services and will be working on the incidental background music, the dramatic ‘dum-dum-dums’ and the sound effects.

Both have agreed that I can post their work in progress as it comes along so everyone can hear their music from original concept to completion.

I have no doubt that both of them will do an amazing job and I am sure they are both looking forward to hearing their scores in the completed product.

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  1. Pete Bayliss says:

    Great to be on board!
    Already got a draft tannoy sound and some background muzak rendered and ready for you all.
    Will be sending it through on Friday evening!



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