Read-through round-up

What a day last Sunday was. I must have run through every emotion possible:


What if the people involved don’t like what has been created so far? What is they walk out? What if…? What if…?


Of the 8 people who were meeting on Sunday I had only ever met one before; and that was about 7 years ago. What is they were crazy people? What if they wanted to lock me in the room and do… well, strange things to me?

Jaque, Ryan, Joe and Verity

The read-through gets under-way


When we all seemed to get along. Even more so once we had finished the first script and no one was heading for the door. In fact, they were laughing at it. The script. In a good way.


People seemed to like the setting I had created. The characters worked. People wanted to be involved. And, people liked my scripts. Maybe I can write. Maybe I can organise things.

PJ, Pete, Sain and Mark

The read-through is brill


There were many impromptu ‘break out’ sessions where everyone came up with some amazing ideas on how to:

  • promote this project
  • making some changes to the scripts to let the project flow more
  • get others involved.

You will be seeing some of these ideas coming to life in the next couple of weeks.

From this read-through I have really been able to glimpse the true potential of this project: What it can become, where we can take it. I have also been able to see just how much work this will be – But this is work I want to do.

So, stick around and keep checking in.

This is where it gets awesome.

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  1. Verity says:

    Brilliant day, brilliant people and a fantasic project! It’s going to get super awesome!!

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