Supermarket Matters – New episodes!

Since the end of the first series, the In Ear team have been working hard towards bringing you more fantastic episodes of Supermarket Matters.

Christmas and New Year – in postproduction

Christmas and New Year will see the release of two special episodes. These two episodes will mark the start of the new Supermarket Matters format of 20-25 minute episodes.

These episodes were recorded in one day in October and are now with our amazing post-production dude Alecx.

Series 2 – in preproduction

Series 2 will follow series 1 and have eight episodes in the new 20 – 25 format.

Treatments have been submitted for series 2 and successful writers have been contacted. If all goes to plan, these episodes should be recorded in Spring 2012 and be released in Summer.

We also have some plans to bring you more information about the writers and actors involved with Supermarket Matters, along with some read-along episode commentaries.

As always, if you would like to get involved with any of our projects, do get in touch.

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