Reality Engineers: Front Cover Update

We said that we would keep you up to date on what was happening with Reality Engineers and so here we are.

An actor has now agreed to read the audiobook and we have booked our time in the studio, if all goes well, the audiobook will be entering the Mastering phase in just over a week from now.

We picked our final design for the front cover to be developed by Michelle, our amazing artist. We went with the sketch below as we thought it was the most striking ‘cover’ art although we really did love all the designs.


Is it a bird? Is it a... What the hell is that?

Is it a bird? Is it a… What the hell is that?

Michelle has been busy working away over the past week to take this idea through to the final stages. Michelle, being a fan of being open like us, regularly posts her work in progress on her blog and on Deviant Art. We are very happy to say that her uncoloured inking for this audiobook got so many views and ‘likes’ that it made the front page!

The work in progress is below. What do you think?

Michelle Harvey's Amazing Artwork

Michelle Harvey’s Amazing Artwork

In the coming days we hope to bring you more news and something a little special for Reality Engineers. Do keep checking back.

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